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Why Your Home Needs Rain Gutter Guards

Why Your Home Needs Rain Gutter Guards

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The rain in the Pacific Northwest can cause water damage to your home’s foundation if it doesn’t drain correctly off the roof. Properly-installed rain gutters in Portland, OR ensure the water goes into the right drainage channels rather than just falling off your roof and compromising the ground around your home. However, gutters can also collect leaves twigs, dirt and other debris. Installing a gutter guard in Portland, Oregon ensures your gutters will drain properly without requiring you to clean them.

Protection from Debris

A well-functioning gutter system quickly and efficiently moves water away from your home to the proper drainage channels. Without proper drainage, you risk rot and water damage to your home as well as dangerous mold or mildew. Leaves and other matter get stuck in unprotected gutters and create dense clogs that do not allow water to drain properly. Installing a high-quality gutter guard in Portland, Oregon fixes this problem by allowing water to enter the gutter while filtering out any other debris.

Self-cleaning Design

There are several types of protection systems for rain gutters, including a few DIY options. It’s vital to find a system that will hold up to the amount of water and debris common in the Pacific Northwest. Well-designed systems not only filter out debris, they actually pull water into the gutter for effective drainage. A high-quality gutter guard is customized to your home’s roof so leaves don’t pile up in low spots on the gutter. Rather, twigs, pine needles and other items simply slide off the roof so you never have to clean or maintain the system.

Adding a gutter guard in Portland, Oregon ensures proper drainage of rainwater off your roof so you don’t have to worry about rot, foundation issues or mold. A high-quality system not only filters out leaves and other debris, it cleans itself by pushing debris off the roof. You never have to spend time on a ladder cleaning your gutters and you can be sure rainwater is channeled toward your home’s drainage system.

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