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Why Are Gutter Guards so Important?

Why Are Gutter Guards so Important?

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Sometimes it may seem like your gutters are more hassle than they are worth. Realistically though, a gutter has a very important job of keeping your home from getting water damage. That is why Master Shield gutters in Seattle are so important. A gutter guard system is important because it reduces the likelihood that there will be foundation and landscaping damage, wood rot, a rise in insect population, mold growth or injury.

Foundation and Landscaping

When your gutters are not working properly because they are clogged, water may just run over the side. This can cause damage to your foundation, sidewalks and landscaping. Gutter guards help preserve your curb appeal and keep your home structurally sound.

Wood Rot

Similarly, when the water can not go where it is supposed to, it can end up pooling in areas of the roof where it is not meant to be. This can lead to wood rot, structural damage and a lot of other unsavory issues.


When the water can not drain properly from the gutters, it pools. Still water is the perfect breeding ground for a number of different insects, like mosquitoes, carpenter ants, termites and other creepy crawlies. Master Shield gutters in Seattle provide the right amount of protection from clogging agents, so your gutters do not invite insect breeding.


Water continually splashes against your house or soaks into your fascia, causes mold growth. Mold not only looks bad, but can be a big health risk to your family as well. When gutters are working properly, this risk is minimized.


If gutters are not working properly, they have to be inspected. That often requires the use of a ladder. Cleaning and inspecting gutters can lead to injuries. Fewer gutter inspections means a safer home life.

Avoid Problems with Gutter Guards

Of course, not all problems are completely avoidable. However, Master Shield gutters in Seattle can help reduce a lot of these gutter related issues. Gutter guards are so important because they ensure that your gutters can remain unclogged and do the job that they are supposed to.

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