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What No One Tells You About Cleaning Your Gutters

What No One Tells You About Cleaning Your Gutters

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Rain gutters are one of those features that do something really useful when they are working right, but they can be a big pain in the neck when they are dirty or clogged. Cleaning gutters is not fun and can be really dangerous. Many homeowners turn to gutter guard installers in Seattle, WA, so they would not have to worry about their gutters anymore. Cleaning gutters can be dangerous, but leaving your gutters dirty can be equally problematic.

Dangers of Cleaning Gutters

The biggest danger related to cleaning gutters is falling off of your ladder or off of the roof. Ladders are not always stable. Combine that with the fact that you may have to be reaching and leaning to clean your gutters, and it is easy to see why this task can be so dangerous. Many homeowners try to clean gutters without any assistance, which just amps up the danger.

Your gutters are also dangerous because of what you may come in contact with. Bird feces, insects, mold spores and other bacteria could be lurking among the leaf guck waiting for you to reach your unprotected hand in. You can get cut, get sick, get stung and just get grossed out. Are not those gutter guard installers in Seattle, WA, starting to sound good?

Dangers of Dirty Gutters

Even though cleaning your gutters can be dangerous, leaving your gutters clogged and dirty is not really a smart option. Poorly maintained gutters can lead to:

1. Leaky gutters, roofs and basements.

2. Cracks in foundation and sidewalks.

3. Rotted wood.

4. A breeding ground for insects.

5. Ruined landscaping.

Get a Gutter Guard

What can you do if cleaning your gutters and leaving your gutters dirty are both bad ideas? The simple answer is that you can turn to gutter guard installers in Seattle, WA. A high-quality gutter guard will keep leaves and debris out of your gutters while allowing water to flow right in without any problems. There are many gutter guards that can be fitted to your current gutters. Learn more today !

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