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Three Things That Can Get Stuck in Your Gutters

Three Things That Can Get Stuck in Your Gutters

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You know what a pain it is to clean your gutters and struggle to free all of the accumulated debris. What exactly is the stuff that gets stuck in them, though? Rainwater gathers all of the stuff on your roof and empties it into the gutter, so there is actually a lot that can end up in there. The most important thing is protecting your gutters from getting clogged. Read on to learn about the materials that are the most likely culprits for clogged gutters.

Leafs, Twigs and Branches

If you are considering gutter covers in Portland, you already know that leaves, twigs and branches are the most commonly cited reasons for clogged gutters. This is true, but they are just one of many potential causes. Nonetheless, fall season will bring a downfall of foliage that can cause a major problem. Installing a leaf guard is a great way to keep them out and keep your gutters clear for rainy days.

Asphalt Granules

If you have ever cleaned your own gutters and found black granules, you might have wondered what it was. Roofing shingles are typically manufactured with a base layer and a coating of asphalt. Over time, the asphalt topping can begin to disintegrate and the granules often wash off in the rain. If there is excessive accumulation, however, it can clog the gutters. Gutter covers in Portland can keep out asphalt and most other materials that may cause a clog.

The Rest of the Debris on Your Roof

There is a lot of dirt and dust that is likely caked on your roof is shingles. Many birds have relieved themselves, too, above your home. All of this washes off in the rain and can cause clogs if there is enough of it. Gutter covers in Portland can effectively prevent these materials from causing the damage that is often incurred by clogged gutters.

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