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The Importance of Having Gutters on Your Home

The Importance of Having Gutters on Your Home

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When you first become a homeowner, you may not give a lot of thought to how important it is to have gutters. You may not even know about all the work that comes with having gutters on your home. That is, until they clog and give you problems. It is especially important to have roof gutters in Portland, OR, where it rains quite often. If you are not sure if you need gutters on your home, here are some reasons why it is important to have these rain gutter guards installed.

Gutters route rain and other water away from your home. You do not want water to pool too close to your foundation or it could cause your basement to flood. Pooling water on your roof can also cause erosion, resulting in leaks or needing to get your roof replaced.

Mosquitoes and other insects seek standing water to use as their breeding grounds. If water pools on your roof and is unable to drain, it could cause a potential infestation issue. Installing roof gutters in Portland, OR, which sees heavy rainfall, will prevent pooling water, which attracts these pesky bugs.

Without a proper gutter system, you risk exposing your home to the types of mold and mildew issues that could result from improperly drained water. Not only could it cause mold and mildew damage, but if your home is not sided, improper drainage can cause paint damage as well.

Do not plan on landscaping around your home if you do not have the right gutters installed. You risk exposing your plants to fungi and topsoil erosion by not properly diverting water away from your home.

Rain gutter guards may not seem like much, but they safeguard your home from the foundation to the roof. By directing water away from your home, they prevent damage to your siding, windows and landscaping. Without them, you will likely be subjected to some major problems and costly repairs to these areas of your home, which could have easily been prevented with a proper drainage system. You can see why having roof gutters in Portland, OR is so vital to the integrity of your home.

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