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Protecting Gutters in the Pacific Northwest

Protecting Gutters in the Pacific Northwest

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Rain makes the Pacific Northwest a lush, green, beautiful place to live. At the same time, it turns gutters into dirty leaf holders that need to be cleaned with annoying frequency. If you live in this weather, it’s worth having some sort of filter installed to help your gutter survive the constant assault of water and leaves. Many people use products like LeafGuard in Portland, OR, and you should do the research to find out what type of gutter guard will work best for your home.

Strongest Materials

As with anything designed to protect your home from the weather, the durability of the material is key. Plastic tends to bend and warp after too many years of dealing with the rain, so metal is the choice material for many homeowners. Still, that metal needs to be attached and designed properly so that it can direct the flow of water while not collapsing under the weight of the leaves. Companies selling LeafGuard in Portland, OR offer a vinyl option, which is a sturdy material, but one that might change shape as it expands and contracts with the shifting temperatures. Remember that your gutters have to survive both the rainy season and the warmer months.

Guard Shape

If making an effective guard were as easy as placing a board above the open gutter, no one would ever waste their time climbing a ladder and cleaning out the leaves. Unfortunately, aquality gutter protector has to be made from the right material and also be positioned correctly in order to keep debris out. If the filter is too flat, leaves will just collect on top and eventually make their way into the gutter.

A gutter guard isn’t worth having if you’re still spending all your time clearing out leaves. When you’re considering the different options like LeafGuard in Portland, OR, make sure to do the research and find out what system will work best for your home.

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