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Protecting Against Fir Needles in Vancouver, WA

Protecting Against Fir Needles in Vancouver, WA

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The Pacific Northwest is chock-full of fir trees. These trees are a source of beauty as well as a source of frustration to the dwellers of this coniferous region. Gazing upon the glorious vistas of Washington State is one thing. Cleaning out the horrid mess of fir needles from your gutter is another, totally different thing. No one wants to put in the labor to cleanse a home of these annoying little buggers. One potential solution is purchasing a fir needle guard in Vancouver, WA. Here are some tips for guarding against fir needles.

1. Allow for Optimal Flow

A gutter guard is an addition to your rain gutter that helps prevent clogging and thus limits the necessity for regular cleaning. So, when it comes to fir needles, what you want to find is a gutter protection system that induces needles to fly off the side of the house. Because of their size, fir needles can get caught very easily in most systems.

2. Avoid Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

Reverse curve gutter guards will actually guide the needles right into your gutter. The fir needles will flow with the water over the curve and into the receptacle, effectively clogging your gutter. Purchasing this fir needle guard in Vancouver, WA, is perhaps not the wisest investment.

3. Find a System That Is Properly Angled

With Vancouver, WA, gutter installation, you can sometimes end upwith a shelf off the side of your roof. Wet fir needles can stick to these guards, and because of the lack of a sufficient angle, the water most likely would not wash them off. It is best to find a gutter protection system that slopes at an angle equivalent to the roof. This will increase the chances of the fir needles sliding right off.

These are just a few basic points to consider as you shop around for a fir needle guard in Vancouver, WA. Do not wait too long before beginning your research. Before you get caught with a clogged gutter, call the best local company you can find in the region.

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