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Preserving Your Gutters

Preserving Your Gutters

Roof Gutters

Maintaining your roof gutters in Portland, OR, is more important than you might think. The noticeable benefit of gutters for most people is not getting soaked when you leave home in the rain, but there is a bit more to it than that. Gutters protect the foundation of your home by routing water away from the area immediately around your home, keeping the ground from becoming water logged and wearing away the base of the structure.

When gutters get clogged, they can be more detrimental than helpful. Not only do clogged gutters fail to re-route the water, instead allowing water to flow over the edge of the gutter and create a waterfall effect down to the ground, but they can also get so heavy that they pull away from the house. That is unattractive, and can be damaging to your roof.Several steps can be taken to keep that from happening.

1. Clean them out regularly. In a place like Portland, OR, roof gutters are especially helpful because of the high levels of rainfall. But if they are clogged, they are useless. Use a garden hose to check for leaks or lack of drainage once or twice a year, and clear out when needed. There are professional services available for hire, but it is a simple job and can be managed by most homeowners with a ladder, some old gloves, and a little time.

2. Keep your roof gutters properly maintained. When checking for clogs, note any areas of excessive wear or breakages, and replace sections or plug holes as needed. Loose or saggy gutters can usually be hammered back into place.

3. A gutter protection system is an excellent investment, particularly if your home is surrounded by large trees whose leaves cause a problem. Gutter protection systems work by keeping debris out of your gutters, while allowing water to flow through freely.

Taking care to maintain your gutters properly can add up to significant savings in the long run, so be sure to invest the time and money necessary to keep yours in good shape. Check out this gutter checklist to determine whether or not you should call a professional.

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