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Why staked gutters are replaced before MasterShield installed

Photo Album: Why staked gutters are replaced before MasterShield Gutter Guards are installed, Lynden, WA

  • Gutters full of debris
    Not a good roofing situation in Lynden: The full gutters are too heavy and pulling away from the home.

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When gutters are staked into rafter tails or fascia, often times the gutters will pull away from the home. In this instance, this home in the Lynden, WA area had open gutters that were staked directly into the rafter tails, over time the gutters filled with debris, leaves, and needles and began to pull completely away from the home. To remedy this issue, fascia board was added, 6k gutter was installed (by screwing it into the fascia, not staking it), and MasterShield was installed.  Luckily, the problem was caught in time, and no damage was sustained to the rafters.