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Hidden gem in woods has Love/hate relationship with evergreen trees

Photo Album: Hidden gem in the woods has a love/hate relationship with the beautiful Evergreens surrounding it

  • Pine needles in gutter
    The beast on the roof in Bellingham! While Evergreen trees are beautiful, they create a beast that can turn your gutters in to useless pieces of metal hanging on the side of your house!

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As we know, living in the Pacific Northwest is one of life’s greatest and greenest gifts, however, when your home is surrounded by beautiful Evergreen trees, things can get a little tricky with all the needles, debris, and leaves that clog your gutters, paired with all the rain needed to keep everything vibrant green! All that beauty comes with a dreaded beast that has to be taken care of, or your home and property can suffer dearly. Sure, you could have someone come to your house twice a year to clean your gutters, but then eventually you are worried about them again just a few months later. Also, did you know that the average gutter cleaning can run upwards of $200, that is $200 at least twice a year, for the life of your home! Why worry about having to clean your gutters ever again?

MasterShield gutter system has the answer for those gorgeous trees that wreak havoc on your gutters. The completely closed system, along with having the product set at the same pitch as your roof, allows MasterShield to offer the only 100% money back guarantee…if your gutters ever clog, Leafless in Seattle/MasterShield will give you your money back!

Other companies offer to come clean your gutters when they clog, none of them offer a 100% guarantee that they won’t clog. So enjoy the outdoors, go on a hike, take a walk, kayak around the Sound, do whatever you love to do in this beautiful place we get to call home, but make sure you never have to worry about the gutters on your home again!