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DIY gutters don’t do the job on this Seattle home

Photo Album: DIY gutters just don’t do the job on this home in Seattle, WA

  • gutters filled with debris
    Gutters filled with debris — Overhead view of full gutters

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This beautiful home had gutters that were full of leaves, debris, and needles. The homeowner had attempted to remedy the problem with DIY gutter shields, however, as you can see, they did nothing to keep out all the junk! They had a garden growing in one section. The gutters on this home in some areas were not able to have MasterShield installed on them because the roof was too flat, MasterShield requires at least a 4/12 pitch to install in order for them to work properly. In the areas that had the flat roof, another product offered by Leafless in Seattle was used. The roof was also in fairly rough shape, our estimator was able to help with that as well, giving the customer help in finding the perfect roofing company to help.