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Let the Leaves Keep Falling

Let the Leaves Keep Falling

Leafless Gutters

If you are lucky enough to live in Western Washington State, you are familiar with the wet stuff that falls from the sky. You are probably also aware of the many glorious and leafy trees that grow there. Where there are trees, there are leaves falling. Autumn in the Northwest is a beautiful season, and it is doubtful that anyone would want to eliminate the colorful leaves, but keeping them out of your gutters is a concern. That is where Leafless Gutters come in.

Leaves Can Cause Damage

Anything that can create a dam and stop the flow of water in your gutters is capable of causing damage to your home. When leaves run down your roof and land in a pile in your gutter, a clog forms and water can no longer flow freely toward the downspout and away from your foundation. Leafless Gutters utilize a fine mesh screen to keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters.

Go With the Flow

Thanks to gravity, everything flows downhill. When water and leaves reach the lower edge of your roof, they naturally go into your gutters. If you have screens on them, the water goes in and flows away, but the leaves skim right over the top and land harmlessly on the ground.

Safety First

Raking leaves in the yard may or not be your favorite activity, but it is infinitely safer than getting up on a ladder and trying to clean them from your gutters by hand. Many people are injured every year after falling from ladders, but this chore can be eliminated if you have Leafless Gutters installed on your home.

Making the decision to improve the looks and functionality of your gutters, and thus, your home is a fairly easy one. Preventing damage, utilizing simple but effective technology and keeping yourself safe are good reasons to take the plunge and let the leaves keep falling.

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