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Leafless gutters are possible to keep your home clean and dry

Leafless gutters are possible to keep your home clean and dry

Leafless gutters

Most homeowners know that traditional gutters get filled up with leaves, sticks, dirt and debris that can block the flow of rainwater. Climbing up on the roof of the house to clean them out is an unwelcome tradition for many people in the spring and autumn. With the right product, though, leafless gutters can be a reality.

There are many methods of gutter protection available to prevent the buildup of debris while allowing water to drain easily off the roof. A good leaf guard can keep the houses gutters so clear that a homeowner rarely needs to clean them. The guard covers the gutter so that leaves and debris can be blown from the roof by the wind instead of falling into the gutter.

What makes a good leaf guard?

If a covered gutter is not perfectly matched to the pitch of the roof, it will merely become a shelf to collect leaves. A good leaf guard should be installed at the exact slope and angle of the roof. This prevents anything from getting caught at the point where roof meets gutter.

Gutter materials should be able to hold up to the UV rays of the sun as well as the moisture from rain and snow. The best leafless gutters hold up to wind, as well. Vinyl or wood gutters does not withstand the elements as well as metal materials.

Some types of gutters, called seamless gutters, do not have anysmall gaps where leaks can formor leaves can get caught. Those seams can also allow weeds and other seeds to take root and start growing. A seam is the weakest point and the most likely place for a gutter to fail. So a seamless gutter could drastically reduce the chance for a gutter to fall apart.

Finally, great leafless gutters should include a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. A company that stands behind its product means the homeowner does not have to worry about repairing or replacing a gutter if it should happen to fail.

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