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Knowing Your Gutter Guards

Knowing Your Gutter Guards

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It is often the case that rain gutters go unnoticed for months on end until, one day, the scales tip, and you find yourself extracting gooey leaves, sticks, flower petals, pine needles and a number of other unseemly organics. The question that might pop into your head, as you are reaching a hesitant hand into the mush, is the following: how could you have avoided such a problem? Well, if you scan a phone book or do a google search, you may discover LeafGuard in Portland, OR, but before you pick up the phone, its important to know exactly what kind of product you might purchase.

Limit Your Cleaning With Gutter Guards

First off, gutter guards are an added feature that limit the necessity for constant cleaning. LeafGuardis one particular kind of gutter guard. With this product, you receive what is called a reverse curve gutter, which is more or less a run of the mill gutter guard sold by a number of different companies. The problem with the reverse curve guard is that it works perfectly but only in controlled conditions. If there is any deviation from the ideal state, LeafGuard will cease to function optimally.

The Alternative

As an alternative, you may want to look into Mastershield, as this product is self-cleaning and efficiently designed. This type of gutter guard is made to match the slope of your roof while at the same time providing a filter system for catching water. This means that the mess of stuff that falls onto your roof will slide off with ease, reducing the need to go back and clean whenever there is a hint of Northwestern rain.

However you decide to tackle the gutter problem, its best to do it sooner rather than later. You do not want to find yourself with a clogged gutter and a damaged foundation in the midst of a Northwestern autumn, so call a company near you that can offer you the best service available. Be sure to ask for a comparison between LeafGuard in Portland, Oregon, and other gutter guards on the market.

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