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Keep Unwanted Visitors Off Your Roof

Keep Unwanted Visitors Off Your Roof

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You, like all homeowners, no doubt focus your concerns on the things living underneath your roof. There is the select few that are supposed to be there, and then the potentially millions more that you dedicate a lot of time, effort, and money into getting them out before they can damage your home and create an unsafe environment. The good news is that if you are vigilant enough, your efforts will be largely successful. The bad news is that there could be even more unwanted tenants living above the roof.

Most homeowners fall into the trap of believing that if they do not live in areas that experience frequent torrential rains, they do not have to worry about water damage being done to their roofs. Yet what they do not realize that light, misting rains can present an even greater danger.

How Does Plant Material Grow on a Roof?

Water pooling underneath the downspouts running off from the upper portion of your roof presents the ideal conditions for unwanted plant material and other substances to grow. These can include:




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These growth layers effectively act as sponge, soaking up the pooling water and allowing it to slowly percolate through the roofing materials and onto the plywood roof deck below. Once it reaches that point, you can guess what happens next. Strip away that outer shingle layer, and you will find saturated wood that poses a risk to your attic insulation and roof support beams.

You roof already has a difficult job to do: keeping you and your family protected from Mother Natures wrath. Do not let its ability to perform that job by inviting unwanted guests to perpetually perch on top of it thanks to a poorly-designed downspout system. Fully extended your downspouts with tie-ins across the upper and lower portions of your roof leaves moss, algae, and other unwanted plant material with little room grow, effectively preventing them from ever causing you problems. Leafless in Portland is ready to provide you with the downspout work needed to achieve this. Give us a call at 1-800-508-5602 for a free estimate.

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