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How Gutter Guards Can Solve Your Rain Gutter Problems

How Gutter Guards Can Solve Your Rain Gutter Problems

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There are many homeowners who find it frustrating to go through the drudgery of cleaning their house gutters biannually. If you are one of these people, you might want to look into employing the services of gutter guard installers in Portland, OR. With gutter guards, you can benefit from the presence of rain gutters while foregoing many of the inconveniences of them.

1. Gutter Cleaning

The first and most well-known advantage of gutter guards is the protection against leaves and other debris that may find its way into the gutter. This means time that otherwise would have been spent on cleaning out gutters can be spent more to your liking. Although gutter guards do need cleaning, they only require it once every three to five years, as opposed to twice a year.

2. Rust

Gutter guards, by protecting against debris, also help protect against rust. As wet waste clogs your rain gutters, it causes rust to form. By preventing this buildup, you can double the life of your gutters, saving you money.

3. Water Damage

Overflow from your gutter during heavy rain can leave stains on the outside of your house and, even worse, damage your houses foundation. By keeping gunk out of your gutters, they are less likely to overflow, protecting your home from water damage.

4. Risk of Fire

The installation of gutter guards on your house will greatly reduce the chances of a house fire during the dry season. Embers can travel from fires that are miles away, alight on the debris in your gutters, and set your house on fire. Without dry material to light, your house will be much safer.

Gutter guards save you time and money while protecting your home. By hiring gutter guard installers in Portland, Oregon, you too can save yourself the hassle of cleaning your gutters twice a year and help protect your home from rust, rot, and fire.

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