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I am really, really happy with how it looks.  You guys did an amazing job, even on the parts that I was sure were going to be a lot of trouble.
Philip & Carolyne S. of Gresham, OR
Thursday, April 6th
Your guys worked really hard and were very friendly, and they did a great job.
Beverly & John K. of Oregon City, OR
Thursday, April 6th
The informative sales pitch and presentation did it for us.
Dan W. of Portland, OR
Friday, April 7th
I hated getting my gutters cleaned.  I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.
Michael B. of Lake Oswego, OR
Thursday, April 6th
It looks great and I'm excited to see how it works. You guys did a great job!
Brian P. of Beaverton, OR
Thursday, April 6th
To Whom It May Concern,Every home owner beware of Leaf Guard gutters!Let me share my experience.In 2004 I had Leaf Guard Gutters installed. The total cost was $ 8,705.00. The written advertising and paper work says that Leaf Guard never needs cleaning.They would never loosen or tear even in heavy snow, they would never stain, peel or rot the fascia boards due to overflow, the gutters will never wick moisture under the roof causing rot that cannot be seen and the list goes on and on.The material goes on to say that the gutters will be installed with 1 1/2 inch screws every two feet instead of nails. Well, let me tell you, my experience is that is all false sales aids.The day after my gutters were installed it rained and the gutters leaked in every corner. We called, Leaf Guard sent someone out who walked around and looked at the situation. His response was that it wasn't the gutters but that my fascia boards were the problem. I said, "If the fascia boards were damaged, why wasn't I told so they could be repaired prior to installation."His response was that wasn't their responsibility. Subsequent calls to them went unanswered. In several areas you could see light coming in between the back of the gutters and the fascia. In December a bad storm took out a giant tree that damaged my roof and gutters, (2 sections), and I was faced with a difficult decision, have Leaf Guard replace the damaged sections or foot the bill for new ones. At first I thought I just had a bad distributor, but quickly learned the same folks had a franchise for this area so there was no one else to call. I searched the net and found lots and lots of complaints about Leaf Guard, similar to mine.After a lot of investigation we decided to replace the gutters with Master Shield System. Now the real evidence became vividly exposed. The Leaf Guard Gutters never needs cleaning.Right.You should have seen the debris that poured out of those gutters when they came down. The were 1/3 filled in the bottom with leaves and pine needles, the tops had become custom homes for hornets and wasps and in addition all of the debris provided wonderful raw materials for ants to build homes under my roof.Now let's talk about screws. Every single screw they put into the gutters were not self sealing creating a wicking for water to destroy my fascia boards, right around every screw and in particular every single corner was damaged. Many of the screws were only partially drilled in all the way and one corner had ZERO screws!Are you kidding Me!Buyer beware. There poor installation and poor quality gutters has cost me dearly in money, time, and the appearance of my property, not to mention dodging waterfalls when it rains, and let's face it, it rains a lot in Oregon.What a relief to work with the folks from Mater Shield. The showed us every issue, replaced all the damaged fascia board at a very nominal cost, took their time inspecting every inch before installation. And took extra time in making the installation perfect, and yes they used self sealing screws and properly caulked everything. Their attention to detail and professionalism was what we all want on home projects, but seldom ever see or even hear of these days.Do yourself and your home a favor, Run Don't Walk away from Leaf Guard, and Run to Master Shield, It's a superior product, company, and team. Our installers were great, they even treated our curious black labs with love and respect and the left the grounds and the house much better than they found it.Thank You Master Shield, I know I will never have to worry about my gutters again and I know that if anything happens 1 can count on your warranty and service.Oh, no more day light streaming between the back of the gutters and the fascia boards. No more waterfalls! Yea!!!I'm going to be even happier when you can come back and do my other buildings and be totally rid of Leaf Guard.Sincerely, Rena D. 
Rena D. of Saint Helens, OR
Tuesday, January 10th
It was such a hassle to keep our gutters cleaned out before because of all the fir tree fuzzies.  Thank you!
Heather & Dylan W. of Sherwood, OR
Thursday, April 6th
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