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Leaf Filter Gutter Protection in Lake Oswego

The elderly couple that owns the home pictured above called us because they no longer wanted to deal with the danger and hassle of cleaning the gutters themselves.  The wife especially hated seeing her husband on a ladder, and he didn't exactly love it either. A ladder without stabilizers on a slippery deck is an accident waiting to happen. Additionally, their home is on a hill, so the back of their house is pretty high up.  Of course, they also didn't want to keep paying for someone to come clean the gutters multiple times a year, so they called us to see what our team could do.

We could definitely see why they didn't want to be up on the ladders themselves anymore, and our team quickly solved their problem.  Our crew installed new 6" seamless gutters in weathered bronze and downspouts in adobe tan.  Mastershield in dark bronze was then installed on top to prevent debris from falling into their gutters in the first place. Get a leaf filter installed today! Contact us for a free estimate!

Gutter Guard Installation in Beaverton

This customer wanted a gutter system he didn't have to worry about.  He wanted to put something that would work, that he wouldn't have to clean, and that would look good.  We were happy to provide this for him.  Our crew removed and recycled his old gutters and then installed our seamless gutters and downspouts in white. Then, the team installed white MasterShield gutter guards to prevent pine needles from clogging his gutter system ever again. Our team of experts is ready to the same quality work for your home! Contact us today to get a free estimate for any of our services!

MasterShield system already working before installation is even complete in Beaverton, OR!

MasterShield was installed on this home in Beaverton, OR, but even before the entire installation was complete, it was keeping the gutters clear! 

Pine Guard Gutter Protection in Sherwood

The owners of this home were sick and tired of scooping out handfuls of pine seedlings and needles from their gutters all the time, and we made it so they never have to do that ever again by installing MasterShield.  Most gutter guards fail when exposed to heavy amounts of small debris, like pine seedlings and needles, but MasterShield's micro mesh design prevents them from entering gutters and causing clogging.  MasterShield is also installed at the same angle as the roof, so debris slides right off the gutters instead of building up (which would prevent water from entering the gutters and eliminate the very purpose of gutters).

On this home, our team first removed and recycled the existing gutters and then replaced them with our seamless gutters and downspouts in old town grey.  Afterward, the crew installed MasterShield in dark bronze on top. We provide expert gutter installation, replacement, and enhancing. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

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