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Get MasterShield Instead of LeafGuard

Get MasterShield Instead of LeafGuard


There are numerous types of gutter protection systems out there to keep debris from entering your gutters. You want to be certain you are spending your money wisely, so it is wise to get the best gutter guard out there. In many areas, MasterShield outperforms LeafGuard in Vancouver, WA. There are several well-documented downsides to the LeafGuard system, and a few of them are listed below.

Debris Still Gets in the Gutters

What is the point of even getting a gutter guard if you are still going to have to clean them out by hand? When it rains, a LeafGuard still allows soggy leaves and other items to get into your gutters and clog them up. With MasterShield, you get a much better filtration system that keeps debris out while letting water in for self-cleaning.

Icicles and Ice Dams

LeafGuard systems have been known to develop icicles or ice dams during the particularly cold times of the year. Although they may look beautiful, icicles are incredibly dangerous to have dangling on your house. Ice dams also pose a risk, and while there is no way to completely guarantee that these structures will not develop, MasterShield takes the extra step of creating an extension on your home. This prevents dripping when any ice melts.

Roof Valleys

If there is a valley in your roof, then water is going to flow into the gutters at a much faster rate than if it just went in the gutter in the first place. A stream can even overshoot the gutter entirely and hit someone. With MasterShield, there are numerous ways to design the system so that it works as it should and does not cause water to spray everywhere.

You can save yourself some headaches in the future by doing your research on the various gutter guards. Many people have been completely satisfied with MasterShield, and it has proven benefits over LeafGuard in Vancouver, WA. Talk to a representative to learn more about the differences between the two.

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