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Finding the Best Gutter Guard for Your Roof

Finding the Best Gutter Guard for Your Roof

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Clogged gutters are no fun, and neither are gutter guards that do not work. If you are looking for the best gutter guards in Portland, here are a few tips to help you with your search.

Analyze the Design

Roof gutters are shaped to collect and transfer water, but they also collect leaves and other debris in the process. Inserts and guards can be installed to support the design and help divert water away from your home. However, carefully consider the design of the guard and how it protects your gutter against clogs.

For instance, a standard mesh screen can be installed horizontally on top of the gutter to collect falling leaves and rocks. Though the screen does prevent leaves from accumulating inside the gutter, the screen eventually becomes blocked itself and prevents water from passing through. Rounded screens can also help prevent debris accumulation within the gutter, but they just create more surface area for leaves to gather and stick, which adds more weight to the entire system.

Check the Material

When searching for the best gutter guards in Portland, it is always nice to purchase products made from recycled materials, but if the quality is poor and the products underperform, they are a waste of money. Vinyl and metal gutters made from recycled materials do not always hold up to weather conditions and can degrade over time.

Consider the Guarantee

Look for products that come with either lifetime guarantees or full refunds if you are not satisfied. Companies that back up their own products with attractive warranties and guarantees usually produce products that work.

If you are not sure how to find and select the best gutter guards in Portland, call your local gutter experts or the gutter guard manufacturer for insight. They can tell you what exactly to look for in gutter guard design and how to tell whether you are getting the most value for your money.

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