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Do not Let Your Guard Down on Gutter Covers

Do not Let Your Guard Down on Gutter Covers

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You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who enjoys cleaning out their gutters. It is an arduous but necessary chore in ensuring the smooth operation of your gutters. To reduce the frequency of cleanings, many companies offer products that divert dirt and debris away from your roof to prevent accumulation in the gutters. However, most of the available gutter guards and covers in Portland, OR are insufficient, or simply do not work . Here are some traits to look for in a poorly performing gutter guard.

Identify Your Gutter Cover

The next time you are cleaning out your gutters, take a look at the kind of technology your house has to keep the gutters clear. Some covers utilize a single, curved deflector piece integrated into the entire gutter itself, leaving a narrow passage for liquid to pass through while letting leaves and other debris fall to the ground. Another method involves reverse curve technology, which uses the surface tension of the rainwater to carry debris over the gutters. Finally, your gutters may have a filter over them that catches leaves and other debris, allowing only water to flow through. While all of these methods do alleviate buildup in the gutters, they also have their shortcomings.

Why These Methods Do not Work

The problem with many gutter guard systems is that they do not filter out enough debris to truly keep your gutters clear. Leaf deflectors, for instance, have large openings which can still allow objects into the gutter. Furthermore, once these openings are clogged, water is no longer going into the gutters, but down the side of your house. Likewise, traditional gutter guards and covers in Portland, OR and other notoriously wet regions fail during heavy rain falls, sending water straight over the sides. Filters and screens back up regularly and usually need to be cleaned as often as unprotected gutters.

Do not let faulty gutter covers ruin your property. Find a product that works for your home, no matter the demands of the climate. In the meantime, frequently clean out your gutters to ensure their best performance.

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