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Dangers of Fir Needles in Your Gutters

Dangers of Fir Needles in Your Gutters


Firs are majestic trees that add real life to any landscape. However, fir needles will fall throughout the year, and these needles are light enough to where they can travel quite a distance and end up in your home’s gutters. This poses a significant risk to your home, and it can be a real benefit to install a fir needle guard in Portland, OR to protect your property. If these needles collect together, there are some hazards you will be facing.


When too many fir needles collect together in your gutters, they will prevent water from flowing through during the rainy season. This causes water to build up, and eventually, your gutters can break from the immense weight. You want to be certain that your gutters are kept clear of any debris, so water will flow effortlessly through. It is your safest best of protecting your property and your family.


Even if it is not the rainy season, fir needles still pose a big risk during the dryer times of the year. These needles are highly combustible, and if a lot of them gather together and are exposed to the sun, then they could spontaneously combust. This fire could spread to other areas of your home, so even if you are not expecting rain any time soon, it can still be hugely beneficial to keep fir needles out of your gutters.

Removing fir needles by hand can be a hassle if you live in an area that is prone to them spreading. You could also end up hurting yourself because these needles can be pretty sharp. In order to protect yourself and your house, it is better to just install a fir needle guard in Portland, OR so that these needles do not build up in your gutters in the first place. Knowing that there is no chance of fir needles getting stuck in your gutters will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

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