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Leafless in Portland Before & After Photos

Living in a forest? MasterShield will make life much easier by keeping all those leaves and needles out of your gutters.

This home in the Rochester, WA area has gutters that are full of large maple leaves and evergreen needles that are preventing the water from draining properly. New gutters and MasterShield were installed, solving the problem.

The gutters on this Lynden, WA area home were so full of evergreen leaves, pods, and standing water that they, quite literally, fell off the rafters they were staked into! Leafless in Seattle’s outstanding service team was able to replace all rotten rafters, add much needed fascia board, and install new gutters with MasterShield that were screwed into the new fascia board, insuring that they will stay right where they were installed for decades to come!

The out building/RV storage and a garage at this Ferndale are home was in need to some TLC. The gutters were full of needles, leaves, and debris from the surrounding evergreens. As you can see, the roof is metal on both buildings, no problem for the MasterShield gutter system. The homeowner was thrilled with the system, then a corner of the garage was damaged, because sometimes unforeseen things happen. He called Leafless in Seattle and the damage was repaired, good as new.

This home in the woods of Bellingham, WA has a metal roof and gutters that are full to the top with debris and needles from the beautiful Evergreen trees that surround the property! The gutters were all replaced, MasterShield was installed, and the customer can now enjoy his secluded home without having to worry about climbing up on a ladder to clean his gutters ever again.