MasterShield Key Points of Difference

This is why MasterShield is superior to all other systems on the market today....

Leafless' exclusive MasterShield does 6 key things:

  • 1) It's a microfilter that keeps debris out of your gutter
  • 2) It has interlaced copper in the filter to actively prevent the growth of mildew and algae which could clog the pores
  • 3) It's sloped like your roof so debris doesn't just pile up on top
  • 4) It's got a patented HydroVortex Self Cleaning Technology
  • 5) Guaranteed to prevent water damage from a clogged gutter
  • 6) Guaranteed to prevent your gutter from ever clogging again, for life
  • 7) Bonus point: 0% chance of finding a better, more comprehensive solution to clogged gutters ANYWHERE


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