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6 Ways to Clean Your Gutters Safely

6 Ways to Clean Your Gutters Safely


Getting the gunk out of gutters can be a ghastly dangerous thing to do. However, if you don’t have a leaf guard in Portland, OR, cleaning your gutters is a necessity. Keeping your gutters unclogged and in working order can help extend the life of your roof, protect your foundation, keep your house from getting water stained and stop your landscaping from getting eroded. Here are a few ways that you can safely clean your gutters:

1. Work in Pairs: If at all possible, make sure that you do not clean your gutters on your own. Working with a buddy can help keep you both safe.

2. Use Sturdy Ladder: Chances are you will need to use a ladder in order to get to the gutters, but you should make sure to use a sturdy ladder. You should also make sure that it is not resting on a slope before you climb up.

3. Wear Gear: Cleaning the gunk out of gutters may not sound like a health risk, but the leaves may contain animal feces that are full of bacteria. You should wear gloves and eyewear when you clean out your gutters.

4. Use Gutters Scoop: The most efficient way to clean out a gutter is to scoop the gunk out with a gutter scoop.

5. Prevent Clogs: You should also consider getting some sort of leaf guard in Portland, Oregon, in order to prevent leaves and other debris from getting in the gutters in the first place.

6. Clean Regularly: Cleaning your gutters two times a year can help reduce the amount of debris stuck in the gutters. This can make the job much simpler and safer.

Using safety precautions while cleaning out your gutters is a must. You can eliminate the need to clean out your gutters by using a leaf gutter guard in Portland, Oregon, or wherever you live. Talk to professionals to find out if these gutter guards are right for you.

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