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4 Important Reasons for Getting New Gutters

4 Important Reasons for Getting New Gutters

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The weather can wreak a lot of havoc on your home. Making sure it is properly protected is not only important to maintain the value of your property, but also to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your family. Getting new roof gutters in Portland OR is an important way to do both of these things. Here are some reasons to get new high quality gutters for your home:

1. Gutters that clog can create mold in your home.

Water overflows and drains improperly if clogged with needles, leaves and other tree debris. This can create wet areas in your basement, within walls or other parts of your home that are attractive to dangerous mold.

2. Low-quality gutter systems can damage your homes structure.

Soffits, siding, windows and other parts of your property can be damaged by rainwater that goes where it is not supposed to. These can be quite expensive to replace and cause an unnecessary strain on your household budget.

3. Foundations can be susceptible to cracking without proper drainage of rainwater.

Over time, if you do not have proper drainage of water away from your home, your property can suffer from erosion and potentially even cracked foundations. Having roof gutters in Portland OR that do not clog and are installed appropriately in a secure fashion can prevent this from happening.

4. You do not have to climb unsteady ladders any more.

It is a challenge to negotiate ladders year after year to clear out debris. Getting a solid system in place will eliminate this task and give you the peace of mind of not having to climb up high and risk injury.

For the best interests of your home and for your family, consider getting quality products and installation that defend against damaging weather. New roof gutters in Portland OR will allow you to maintain a safe environment and help prevent unnecessary and costly repairs.

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